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Bory Hospital

Welcome to the pages of the most modern Slovak hospital located in Bratislava.

Welcome to Bory Hospital in Bratislava

Bory Hospital in Bratislava is a next generation hospital that was recently opened in Bratislava. This unique hospital in Slovakia treats patients with the most complex needs by world-class staff, using state of the art technology. 

Interdisciplinary medical programs

At Bory Hospital, patients’ safety and comfort is our priority. We use interdisciplinary approach in our diagnostic procedures, enabling the most efficient patient treatment. Our care is focused around six interdisciplinary medical programs.

  1. Mother and child program
  2. Oncology program
  3. Neurovascular program
  4. Cardiovasular program
  5. Orthopedics and traumatology program
  6. Metabolic and indigestion disorders
Bory hospital Bratislava_7 key principles

7 Key Principles of Bory Hospital

Seven key principles define the concept of the next-generation hospital: 

  • Patient first
  • Continuous medical processes improvement
  • Healing environment architecture
  • Motivating work culture
  • Digitalisation
  • Effective running operations
  • Readiness for future development
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